Elvis Presley – Sean Shaver Photographing The King (US 1981) Extremely Collectible!


Timur Publishing,  Inc.  ISBN 0-9602826-7-X

USA 1981

Condition: Inside NM / Cover VG++

N.B.! The outer dust jacket is MISSING!!

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Elvis Presley



Sean Shaver:

Photographing The King



< photo of Sean Shaver >

(Elvis & Sean)


Timur Publishing, Inc. , Kansas City (MO)
hardback WITHOUT dust jacket , 256 pages , 22.3 x 16.2 x 2.2 cm , 0.621 kg
ISBN: 0-9602826-7-X



This book came out back in 1980. It has a funny history. Sean selected the photos and wrote the text. Then he left on a trip and vacation. When he returned the book was finished. When Sean picked up the book he was amazed to find the book was printed completely wrong. The text used in the book was the rough first-draft and not the final one he had turned in. Many of the photos used in the book were ones he had set out to be used but also to his horror he found dozens that he had put aside to never be used.

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