Elvis Presley – Double Features: Live a Little, Love a Little / The Trouble With Girls / Charro! / Change of Habit (CD 1996) The Original Elvis Presley Collection 29


RCA ‎/ BMG Nederland BV ‎– SP 5029

Germany 1996

Condition: CD VG++ / Artwork M


Elvis Presley


The Original Elvis Presley Collection 29


20 tracks  from 4 different films:


Live a LittleLove a Little


1. “Almost in Love” (Luiz BonfáRandy Starr)

2. “A Little Less Conversation” (Billy Strange / Mac Davis)

3. “Wonderful World” (Doug Flett, Guy Fletcher)

4. “Edge of Reality” (Bernie Baum, Bill Giant, Florence Kaye)

5. “A Little Less Conversation” (Album version)




6. “Charro” (Billy Strange / Mac Davis)

7. “Let’s Forget About the Stars” (A.L. Owens)

(Recorded for, but not included in, the film)


The Trouble with Girls

(And How To Get Into It)


8. “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” (Billy Strange / Mac Davis)

9. “Swing Down Sweet Chariot” (traditional, arranged by Elvis Presley)

10. “Signs of the Zodiac” (Buddy KayeBen Weisman, Duet with Marlyn Mason)

11. “Almost” (Buddy Kaye & Ben Weisman)

12. “The Whiffenpoof Song” (Ted Galloway, Meade Minnigerode, George Pomeroy)

(not used in the film)

13. “Violet (Flower of NYU)” (Steven Dueker & Peter Lohstroh)

The second adaptation in Presley’s career of the American Civil War song “Aura Lee” from               1861, the first being the song “Love Me Tender“.

14. “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” (Undubbed Version)

15. “Almost” (Undubbed Version)


Change of Habit


16. “Have A Happy” (Buddy Kaye, Dolores Fuller, Ben Weisman)

17. “Let’s Be Friends” (Chris ArnoldDavid MartinGeoffrey Morrow) (not used in film)

18. “Change of Habit” (Buddy Kaye & Ben Weisman)

19. “Let Us Pray” (Buddy Kaye & Ben Weisman)

20. “Rubberneckin’” (Dory Jones & Bunny Warren)

(Not initially recorded for the film, but added to the soundtrack and performed by Elvis on camera)



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