Grand Drive – True Love and High Adventure (CD 2000)


RCA Victor ‎– 74321 848692


Condition: VG++/M


True Love and High Adventure


Grand Drive



    1997 – present (21 years)


    London, England, United Kingdom


    • Danny George Wilson
    • Julien Wilson

Grand Drive was a country-rock group led by Australian brothers Danny George Wilson (lead vocals/guitar) and Julian Wilson (keyboards). Danny George Wilson now fronts the band Danny and the Champions of the World, with members of Goldrush among others

Brothers Danny and Julian Wilson were originally from Australia, but grew up in the southwest London suburb of Sutton in the ’70s. In school, they met bassist Ed Balch and formed their first group, Soul Green, with several temporary drummers. It wasn’t until 1992 that they found a more permanent stickman in Paul Wigens and changed their name to Grand Drive, taking their name from a long, meandering road in South London that connected Raynes Park (where one of the Wilsons lived) with Sutton.

Grand Drive’s first release was “Tell It Like It Is” (it had originally been recorded in October 1995, but wasn’t released until November 1997 as 7″ on the Vinyl Junkie label and later reissued on an EP by the Vaclav imprint). The single – like much of their material, which combines up-tempo country-rock with gloriously soulful arrangements – was named Single of the Week by NME, who called it “one of the most luscious, soul-tugging singles of the year.”

Julian Wilson, meanwhile, took time off to play Hammond organ for Gene and also appeared on the Drawn to the Deep End album. In May 1998, Vaclav issued Grand Drive’s On a Good Day EP as a limited-edition CD and 7″ single.

Grand Drive then came to the attention of Tom Bridgewater and Mark Rogers’ London-based Loose Recordings (launched in 1998 with their genre-defining New Sounds of the Old West alt country/Americana compilations). Loose issued their Wrong Notes EP in December 1998 and, in April 1999, compiled their first album, Road Music, from the three previously released EPs and two singles.

The group returned to the studio and in September 2000, Loose released their adventurous True Love and High Adventure album. Comprised of 11 new songs boosted with ornate string and brass arrangements, the album – co-produced by the Wilsons and producer Pete Hoffman – raised the bar for orchestral country-rock. After its release, Julian moved to Paris to be with his girlfriend and the band had put any plans on hold until RCA Victor purloined the group and signed them to a substantial record deal. The label re-released True Love and High Adventure and Road Music in April 2001. In June, RCA Victor issued the band’s Wheels EP.

Subsequent albums include “See the Morning In” (2002), “The Lights in This Town Are Too Many to Count” (2004), and “Everyone” (2007).


Wheels 4:33
A Ladder To The Stars 5:04
Sleepy 4:48
The Guy Who Could Carry On 6:55
True Love And High Adventure
Nobody’s Song In Particular 6:26
A Little Numb 4:24
My Best Side 5:59
One Last Parade 6:30

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